Monday, November 12, 2007

My Boob Job.

Yes, I got a boob job, but it's not what you think. I work for a company called Mentor Corp. They are the only place in the USA that manufactures breast implants. I make every shape and size of what is called the "shell". There are many steps and procedures to take, but I'll see if I can explain in a nut shell. We take a mold dip it into a solution, which varies, and then it bakes, then we peel the shell off the mold and inspect it for imperfections, then it's sent to the next stage where the shells are filled with gel or saline, which I don't do. That's the basic idea of what I do. It's very interesting, who knew it was such a process to make a boob?

Growning, growing, growing

Lil' Ez, isn't he cute! He's almost 2 months now, and he's growing like a weed, I think he's going to be real tall. The other night he slept 9 hours! Thank you Ez. I could use the extra sleep since I got my "boob job". Yes, it's true! But it's not what you think. I make boobs. Yup! I'm back at work, but this time I make boobs, not hair. It's fun actually, and it's got its props too. First and most important, I go to work when Eric gets home. This way we don't need daycare. And Eric gets quality time with the kids. And since I'm still nursing I pump at work so Eric can feed Ez while I'm at work. Lovely isn't it. Oh and if I ever want a real "boob job", I get a nice discount.

My lil' girl just chillin' watching her most favorite show of all, "Hanna Montana", yes it's true! She loves it. When the theme song comes on she gets so exctied, she'll yell, "Tanna!" and start dancing, it's a blast to watch. I think I have seen every episode a hundred times. Zion also loves getting her picture taken, anytime she sees the camera she'll say "cheese" and automatically smile. She's growing up so fast. Now she's starting to speak phrases. She'll say anything from "I want it", to " Uh oh where'd it go?", or "Oh no, what happened?". It's crazy how fast they grow up. She's such a big girl. I've had to put her cup of milk in the fridge at night before I go to bed, because every morning she goes to the fridge to get her milk, before even coming to get me. Then she'll go sit down on her little chair and watch her favorite morning cartoons. She's very independent.