Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm officially slacking in the blogging department. Living in Utah again is keeping me pretty busy. But life is good I can't complain. A couple weeks back Nate and his lovely little family invited me and the kids to go get pumpkins. We drove all the way to Centerville to get our pumpkins, only because Nate new some guy who had a ton of really good pumpkins, and at 30% off, we really couldn't pass it up. Sad to say I actually didn't take good pictures, I think Lori's blog had some shots of the actual pumpkins we purchased.


Chelsi said...

the twins are getting so big. man you are one busy girl. I wish I had lots of fun things to do.

Sammy said...

Cute! i love fall, speaking of pumpkins we need to go get ours! looks like fun