Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Me, Anna, Steph
Steph & Anna
Me & Anna
Me & Steph
Last Friday me and a couple of girlfriends got together at Roosters. We had a blast. The food was so good, I surprisingly ate my entire meal. And then the 3 of us shared dessert, yummy!


Amy-Queen of Kings said...

Fun! When are we gonna get together. We used to have so much fun! Lets try for lunch next week some time or dinner sometime. We really need to catch up! You look great by the way! What is your phone number? Send it to my email!

Sammy said...

Fun! i love roosters, I see that you are in town, I need a haircut, I may be calling you!!! I agree with Amy, we all need to get together, I want to see you and your kids!

Erin and Ryan Taylor said...

AHHHHH!!!! HAy!!!! i found you...... you have beautiful kids!!!!! thank you again for all of your help!!!! im so adding you to my blogy poo!!

Emily said...

I love going to dinner with girls! So fun! I have that exact shirt you have on but in black!! Cute!!