Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friend Time, Yeah!!!

Me & Val just hanging out
Mandi & me being dumb
yet again, being dumb
High school friends
Lyndsi, Chelsi, & Heather, and all of their kids
Lyndsi, Josh, & Oakley- Chelsi, Hendryx, & Zaida- Heather & Brigham- Me, Ez, & Zion
Brigham, Zaida, Oakley, Josh, Zion

My friend Chelsi's little Zaida, and Zion
friends at first sight
Chelsi and her lil' man Hendryx, too cute!


Chelsi said...

those turned out so cute!! who is Val? When are you going back?

Sammy said...

How fun! that looks like a blast to get together with all your friends, you look fabulous, I love your hair!